Having a great home theater is one thing but having comfortable seating to enjoy your home theater is an entirely different experience. With custom home theater seating from Out of Sight Home Theater, you can enjoy both. We can help you pick out the best furniture, assist in deciding the best placement, and provide high quality custom installations. Out of Sight has built many tiered theaters giving their customer the best viewing experience possible. Visit our showroom today and take some of our home theater seating for a test drive.

Dantech’s technicians have the skills, experience and tools necessary to mount flat screen displays of all sizes on virtually any surface, professionally, safely and securely. After installing the wall bracket and mounting the display, we’ll conceal wires, hook up & configure your video components, program your cable or satellite box, and calibrate your new display for optimal picture and sound quality. Then, we’ll educate your staff on the operation of your new system. It’s that easy, when you let Azimuth do the work.

The goal of Home Theater is to create a cinema quality experience in the comfort of your own home. Doing it requires more than just a big screen TV and some speakers.

There are two main parts of Home Theater: sound and pictures. The sound is actually the most important part because it creates the most important effect — the feeling that you’re actually in the environment on the screen.

The standard for Home Theater surround sound is Dolby Digital® (it used to be called AC3). It’s far superior to its predecessor, Dolby Pro Logic. It delivers clearer dialog and a more realistic sense of atmosphere. It’s sometimes referred to as 5.1 because there are 5 full range channels of sound plus another channel dedicated to low frequency effects, called LFE.

Producing high quality surround sound requires a Dolby Digital processor (often incorporated in an A/V receiver or preamplifier), 5 speakers and a sub-woofer, plus amplification for the speakers. The processor decodes the surround sound information from the DVD or Laserdisc movie, HDTV or satellite broadcast.

Creating the film-like images for Home Theater requires screen sizes from 32″ to 10 or more feet. Direct-veiw televisions (CRT’s), rear projection TV’s, and video projectors can all be used, but quality varies greatly among different models. The best pictures are created through a combination of high resolution, accurate geometry, and proper color, contrast, and brightness settings. Having your system set professionally setup is worth the money.

Home Theater systems often have many pieces of equipment that must be controlled. Adding a programmable remote control to simplify operation is an investment that will pay off immediately in convenience and ease-of-use.

Automated lighting and window coverings complete the home theater experience. It’s easy to incorporate control of these ‘atmosphere’ elements with your system controller.

Residential lighting control systems offer flexibility and security…

A well-conceived lighting control system is an important element of a home theater strictly from a performance standpoint, the light sources must be conformed so that they don’t cast any glare on the screen, which would wash out the picture. Lighting controls must also allow for an aesthetic quality that sets the right mood and that makes the room inviting and comfortable. Most importantly, they need to satisfactorily illuminate the room to allow people to safely move about. If a home theater happens to be located in a multi-purpose room, other lighting factors come into play such as making allowances for entertainment purposes, reading, or playing games.

In addition to home theater lighting, Dantech and Out of Sight Home Theater offers homeowners whole house residential lighting control systems that offer added convenience, energy conservation, and security benefits. Dimmers and switches can be connected to master controls that turn lights on and off throughout the house and garden, as well as monitor lights for energy saving purposes. Landscape lights can even be automatically synched to the astronomical time clock. “ALL-ON” buttons can be activated in case of emergencies that instantly illuminate all home lights and security systems. Lighting controls can also be designed to consolidate or eliminate traditional switches by replacing them with a single keypad or touch screen for a clean attractive appearance.

Moving up the technology ladder, a homeowner can also choose lighting controls that dim lights or switch lights on and off based on input from sensors to detect motion or infrared radiation from a person. There are also photo sensors that adjust light levels based on the amount of available daylight, and sensors that are suitable for accessibility purposes that operate lighting by voice or sound. Many lighting control systems also include the option of remote control via phone or computer.

Homeowners are offered virtually unlimited options in programming a customized lighting control scheme. Some popular solutions include turning on the hallway lights from a bedroom to check on a baby at night or to create a lighted path to the refrigerator for a late night snack. Another popular program is automatically lighting a way through the house that is actuated by the garage door being opened. Customized lighting control solutions are also used to create mood and ambiance, whereby a dining room dimly lit for a romantic dinner one night can be transformed into a brightly lit space for a family party the next night. They also enhance the design of a room through the use of plant lights, spotlights for artwork, cove lighting, and wall sconces.

Some residential lighting control systems are “plug and play,” while other systems require initial programming by the installer. Basically, all whole house lighting control systems require some user interface, although programming is essentially a simple procedure. Contact a member of our sales team for more information.

Whether it’s for voice amplification, recording or simply for effective presentations, most boardrooms require a pro audio system. However, even with the highest quality of components, audio systems can still perform poorly, which is a direct reflection on your business. In most cases, the best solution is to have professionals do the setup and system optimization. Dantech technicians are experts in balancing audio systems and eliminating hot spots & dead zones. They can adjust equalization settings to compensate for acoustic challenges in specific areas. Don’t subject your board, staff, vendors and customers to inferior sound. Let Dantech optimize the audio environment in your boardroom today.

Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Surround sound transports you to the middle of the action. Like the rumble of a train? Want to hear the airplane fly by? Additional information is available in our home theater section.


Sound Bar Speakers

Sound bars give you fuller, more dynamic sound without adding clutter to your room.


Floor-standing Speakers

Tower speakers deliver serious, powerful bass with your music and movies.


Bookshelf Speakers

Placed on shelves or stands, these speakers can give you great sound and save floor space.


Powered Subwoofers

Add a powered subwoofer to your home theater speaker system for high-impact, accurate bass response.


Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers are specially made to withstand the elements while delivering great sound. They come in many varieties.


Center Channel Speakers

Your center channel speaker delivers dialogue to draw you into the on-screen action.


Surround Speakers

Surround speakers send you to the center of the action with atmospheric sounds and special effects.


On-wall Speakers

A lot of home theater speakers can mount to your wall for a clean, stylish installation.


In-wall & In-ceiling Speakers

These speakers mount directly into your walls and ceiling for a clean look. Ask a sales associate about our invisible theater!