Every 14 seconds a house is burglarized in the United States. Don’t become a part of this statistic, protect yourself and your loved ones with a Dantech Security System. Our professional sales and installation teams will ensure that you receive a systems that meets your needs using state of the art technology and our sophisticated monitoring service.


Our systems include the following features:

  • User-friendly keypads
  • Convenient wireless keys
  • Vista Interactive Phone Module to arm/disarm your system
  • Compact sensors mount on walls or moldings
  • Wire-free smoke and fire detectors
  • 24 hour monitoring


We can also help you or your business with the following services:

  • Security Cameras
  • Closed Circuit TV
  • Access Control
  • Locksmithing

Are you tired of fumbling for your keys every time you enter your building? Are you looking for an easy and secure way to manage access to your home or office? Let us show you some of our convenient access control solutions. Access control systems come in many different varieties but the most popular is the key fob. Users are issued small keychain like devices that they can attach right to their key ring. When the user wishes to make access into the building, they can do so by waving their keys by a sensor strategically placed by the door. The sensor reads the key fob and authenticates the user. Once the user is authenticated the door is mechanically unlocked allowing to the user to make entry. Additionally, if different portions of the building require different levels of security, the key fobs can be programmed to allow only certain people into those portions of the building.

Have you ever wanted to know who was at the front door before you walked all the way there to find out? How about keeping an eye on the kids in the pool, when you need to be online at your home office desk? Or have you wished you could look in on the baby without having to climb the stairs every time? You can do them all by adding Closed Circuit TV to your home wiring network.


What It Does For You

  • See who’s at the door from any TV in the house.
  • Check on the baby while watching TV.
  • Watch the kids in the pool while online in the den.
  • Monitor activity throughout your home, from any TV, even your PC monitor.


How It Works

  • Tiny TV cameras are installed near areas you wish to monitor: exterior doors, pool area, deck, nursery.
  • Cables run from the TV cameras back to a central panel in your garage or utility room (see Structured Cabling).

Water Leak Detection

Eliminating false alarms caused by condensation or high humidity, the WaterBug is capable of monitoring up to six (6) sensor probes that can be placed up to 100’ apart, to detect water leaks! Operating on one standard 9V battery (not included) and with one Normally Open relay output, the alarm can be attached to optional alarm dialers and panels of your choice! With easy surface mount installation, the sensor contacts work to detect the initial appearance of water leaks than sounds an alarm designed to capture your attention!


  • Economical 9-volt battery power for operation.
  • Approximately 1-year life with low battery warning beep.
  • No false alarms due to condensation or humidity
  • Can monitor up to 6 sensor probes -hundreds of feet away
  • Provides (1) form open collector output for alarm for use with dialers and alarm panels.
  • Easy surface mount installation
  • One year parts and labor; subject to conditions of limited warranty.

Typical Applications:

  • Residential or Vacation Homes
  • Basement Sump Pumps
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Office and Computer Areas
  • Unattended Buildings
  • Greenhouses & Animal Buildings
  • All Drain Areas
  • Sprinkler Systems

High/Low Temperature Sensor

Leak Detector

Use this rugged mechanical temperature sensor to protect or control areas that may be subject to harsh conditions. Only 1 inch thick, this unit is also attractive enough to be placed inside your home. Contacts are rated for 50mA at 12 Volts DC. Use it with the EnviroAlert Systems, X10 Security System Wireless Transmitters, the JDS Time Commander Plus or a Sensaphone.

Our Partners at Masada Tactical Protective Services, LLC prides itself in providing security solutions to Individuals, Agencies and Organizations.  Masada Tactical Protective Services, LLC has established itself as one of the premier security providers in the industry working with Celebrities, Professional Athletes, Mission Groups, Venues, Dignitaries and Corporate Executives requiring security services. From security audits to dignitary protection, Masada Tactical Protective Services, llc can enhance your personal or organizational safety and security.

Security Vulnerability Assessment and Consulting:  Masada Tactical Protective Services, LLC can conduct a professional risk assessment and analysis, determining your specific needs.  Based on matrices and protocols utilized by security services and the federal government, we will investigate and determine your specific security needs.  Assessments include: physical security elements, security personnel evaluation, cyber-security protocols, and more.

Site/Venue Loss Prevention Services:  From a club/lounge to special events or a black tie affair. Our personnel can provide the unarmed or armed security solutions that are best suited for you.

Security-Medical Services:  Our company offers a unique combination of trained security professionals who are also registered medical professionals.  Venues hosting events that require both security and medical personnel can now get the best service with one company.

Executive Protection Services:  For those seeking EP/DP services.  Our specialists will take on all security tasks, including travel arrangements, protective services, and daily operations.

Permanent Security Services:  Masada Tactical Protective Services can provide long term, contract based, security personnel and services for individuals, venues and corporations seeking a permanent security detail.  Masada Tactical will manage and provide the security staff as needed.

Private Investigations: Our level of professionalism and skill sets help us achieve the results you need.  Fully licensed and insured for Investigations in Maryland and abroad, a call to MTPS will be the only one you need to make!